Selection of suppliers to facilitate your arrival

We want to save you holiday time, so Saint Roch has selected for you the suppliers of the daily with the address and telephone numbers. You can view this list anytime and anywhere on the site.
USEFUL ADDRESSES WITH NO TELEPHONE listing to help you, many other providers are at your disposal.
Dr. Pene, Church Square, Saint Clar, tel 0562664030
Dr. Bolzonella, Church Square, Saint Clar, 056 tel 0562664030
Dr. Bouchard, Church Square, rue Castel Vieil, Saint Clar, tel 0562664455
Super Market, Carrefour Market, Lectoure Road, Fleurance
Super Market, Lidl, route de Lectoure, Fleurance
Super Market, Casino, Foirail, Fleurance
Super Market, Intermarché, road Agen, Lectoure
Super Market, U Market, Auch Road, Mauvezin
Super Market, Intermarché, Fleurance Road, Saint Clar
The Auberge de Tournecoupe , 8 Union Square, on the ramparts, Tournecoupe, tel 0562596377
Restaurant, Domaine de Nazères, Avezan, tel 0647198045
Chez Claudine Bosc, Family Restaurant, Village, Tournecoupe, tel 0562664669
Pizzeria L'Arlequin, Place de Lomagne, Saint Clar, tel 0562663321
Restaurant, La Bascule, Lomagne Square, Saint Clar, tel 0631373993
Restaurant, The Tables of Urdens, Urdens, tel 0562597003
Restaurant Leisure Center, Calavès Saint Clar, tel 0562663137
Restaurant, La Grignotière, Town Hall Square, Monfort, tel 0562069633
Auberge Le Petit feuillant, Gramont, tel 0563940008
Restaurant Le Taoula On Solomiac Square 0562667821
Restaurant Chez Mathieu On Solomiac Square 0968392833
Auberge les Bouviers , 8, rue Montebello, Lectoure, tel 0562689513
Restaurant Le Bastard , 2, rue Lagrange, Lectoure, tel 0562687681
The Racine Restaurant 123 rue Nationale Lectoure 0562280741
The Templars restaurants Place des Martyrs Dunes 0563398621
The Auberge de Bardigues Le Bourg Bardigues 0563390558
Baker, Anna and Alexandre On Saint Clar place 0562664172
Bakers, Au Fournil Gourmand In the Place Saint Clar 0982364174
Butcher at Angeline Christian 2 rue de la Poste Saint Clar 0562061561
Boucher CHarcutier Loubet 66, Paul Valery Fleurance bd 0562061611
Boucher Charcutier At Berthier Place du Foirail Mauvezin 0562067464
Closest gas station Intermarché, route de Fleurance Saint Clar
Market on Monday Mauvezin
Market on Tuesday Fleurance
Market on Wednesday Gimont and Condom
Market on Thursday Saint Clar
Market on Friday Lectoure
Market on Saturday Beaumont de Lomagne
We ask you to help us keep the contact details above, we are waiting for your recommendations. Thank you in advance.