How to attend : Tourist Office Saint-Clar Lomagne 5 kilometers.
Your stay will not be enough to discover our wonderful region, the wealth of our Heritage, all around us in addition to markets, local festivals, large group meals, restaurants ....
You will be located less than 45 kilometers from AUCH, CONDOM, AGEN, MONTAUBAN. Inside this perimeter, you can admire the Heritage of Gers, Tarn and Garonne, Lot et Garonne.
Some ideas (non-exhaustive list) for you (we are at the center of this Theater of discoveries):
You will not have time to do everything, we have not inventoried everything far from it, you will have to choose.
The Abbey MOISSAC (82) 35 kilometers and the banks of the Tarn .... AUVILLAR (82) at 24 kilometers, its place, its point of view, its narrow streets .... LACHAPELLE (82) at 21 kilometers, baroque art in the countryside .... MONTAUBAN (82) at 45 kilometers, the Ingres museum, the Notre Dame cathedral ... .. GRAMONT (82) at 9 kilometers, Renaissance castle, honey ....BEAUMONT DE LOMAGNE (82) at 17 kilometers, walk the streets of the 13th century royal bastide, since the Pierre de Fermat tower overlooking the Notre Dame church in red bricks, its Hypodrome .... BRIGNEMONT (82) to 17 km, its windmill always produces on demand, its grandiose view on the valley towards the Pyrenees .... LAREOLE (31) at 22 kilometers, its Renaissance castle of the sixteenth century ... .. COLOGNE (32) at 24 kilometers, its place .... MAUVEZIN (32) at 16 kilometers, its place and its market on Monday ... SARRANT (32) at 14 kilometers, small bastion anchored in its medieval culture ... .. AUCH (32) at 40 kilometers, historic capital of Gascony, D ' Artagnan, the cathedral to see the choir absolutely, the monumental staircase, the alleys of Etigny ... .. LAVARDENS (32) at 27 kilometers, its castle of the XVII century with its exhibitions all the year ... .. FLEURANCE (32) to 12 kilometers, its Astronomy festival, star farm, Republic Square with its arcades, Golf ... .. FLARAN (32) 35 kilometers away, its Cistercian Abbey ... ..LARESSINGLE (32) at 41 kilometers, its fortified town of the Middle Ages, its medieval siege camp .... MONTREAL DU GERS (32) at 50 kilometers, its Gallo-Roman villa of Seviac, archaeological site .... FOURCES (32) at 49 kilometers, its round square shaded with plane trees .... CONDOM (32) 37 kilometers, its Cathedral and Cloister, the Musketeers larger than life, boat trips on the Fuck ... .. ROMIEU (32) 29 kilometers, its collegiate, arboretum Coursiana .... LECTOURE (32) to 17 kilometers, its Cathedral, Thermal Complex, pastel blue workshops ... .. AGEN (47) 41 kilometers, its amusement park Walibi in Roquefort .... Then leaving the perimeter, TOULOUSE (31) 70 kilometers away, The Pink City, Aeronautics, Space ... ..
Despite this long list, not everything is there but to complete a little .... :

Some names to serve as a reminder:
Country Mirande Festival, The Condom Bandas, The Vic-Fezensac Bandas, The Fleurance Astronomy Festival for children and adults, The Beaumont de Lomagne Racecourse Race, The Saint Garlic Festival -Clar-de-Lomagne, The Reading Festival in Lectoure, The Festival of Photography in Lectoure ....

Armagnac, Tariquet, Madiran, Floc de Gasconne, Rapeseed, Goose and Duck Foie Gras, Duck Breast, Gascon Pastis ...
transport network
To access Tournecoupe, the car will be privileged to move independently. Agen or Montauban by train, Toulouse Blagnac for the plane, then rental car.

Other remarks for those who do not like to plan in advance:
The Gers, Lomagne, is a beautiful and very changing region according to the seasons. The landscape is hilly, we usually call it "Little Tuscany". All around, bourgeois houses, magnificent stone castles at the bend of the paths. You have to play to get lost, and most of the time you will be well rewarded ... ..Make the most of your trips on the many roads on the ridges, you will enjoy more beautiful views.
See the photo of our positioning in the environment described above.
We will be pleased to advise you to facilitate the discovery of our beautiful region. See you soon.